MAHLE Aftermarket Inc.’s Clevite® Brand H-Series Performance Engine Bearings Introduces New Applications

Farmington Hills, MI, March 8, 2017 – MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. continues to be the leading performance bearing supplier in the world, with Clevite® H-Series race bearings, and recently introduced 18 new part numbers covering the applications for the 6.7L Ford Power Stroke®, the Ford 5.0L Coyote, and the 6.2L GM LT engines.

Originally designed for use in NASCAR®, the H-Series bearings included flash tin plating, commonly used on traditional bearings.When Clevite engineers discovered that most NASCAR performance engine builders were removing it because it was detrimental to high performance engines, they chose to leave it off at the factory.That gives the Clevite H-Series their distinctive and unusual coloration. Soon, racers and performance engine builders everywhere discovered they were perfect for most race engine applications because of several additional characteristics.

All Clevite H-Series bearings utilize a medium level of eccentricity, which helps keep rod housing bore deflection and deformation to a minimum and high crush helps insure both good heat transfer and resistance to rotation under minimum oil film conditions in the engine. Standard sizes, as well as bearings with extra clearance, allow engine builders to adjust tolerances based on their use and their selection of lubricating oil.

Clevite offers a wide variety of performance applications from pulling tractors to sport compacts to land speed record cars. Tech support at the track and on the phone is available with all Clevite applications.