High-Output MAHLE Letrika Starters Introduced by MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. for Large Displacement Engines

Farmington Hills, Michigan, January 6, 2016 – MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. has announced the introduction of the MAHLE Letrika AZG family of electric starters designed for the high-output requirements of large displacement diesel engines used in a variety of agricultural, construction, mining, marine, and heavy-duty truck applications. The AZG starters use a two-stage engagement to prevent damage and overloading of the starter pinion and the engine ring gear.

The MAHLE Letrika AZG starters are available in 12-volt (V) design, used for starting diesel engines of 6-liter (L) to 15L displacement, and a 24V version for diesel engines of 7L to 26L displacement. Noseless versions are available for specific engine applications.

Both designs of the MAHLE Letrika AZG starters feature high specific power output (6.5 kW for the 12V, 9.5 kW for the 24V versions) and efficiency. They have excellent cold crank capability, while exhibiting low battery current drain. The AZG starters feature reduced weight and size in comparison to direct drive starter motors — their weight ranges from 30 lbs. (13.6 kg) to 30.9 lbs. (14 kg.)

The MAHLE Letrika AZG starters are designed with a six-roller clutch drive assembly and a solenoid switch, with pull-in and hold-in winding, constructed for effective breaking of the main contacts. High quality thermally resistant materials are used throughout.

Combining two or three starter motors in combination with the appropriate electronic unit, in a parallel starting system, allows the AZG starters to handle diesel engines of up to 80L displacement or gasoline engines of up to 150L displacement.

Download PDF for more information [PDF; 51 KB]