MAHLE fuel filters: vehicle and engine manufacturers rely on quality

Fuel filters in original equipment quality from MAHLE pay off in every way: in the short term with fair margins, and in the long term with satisfied customers. These filters are at work in passenger cars, buses, commercial vehicles, tug boats, excavators, and wheeled loaders. Because modern injection engines required extremely clean and homogenous fuels—delivered with as little pulsation as possible. But water and small foreign objects get into the fuel during production and transport. This can cause the engine to misfire and come to a stop. Since it is extremely critical that the fuel filter functions perfectly, all vehicle and engine manufacturers recommend regular replacement at prescribed intervals.

The demands on our fuel filters are pretty tough

MAHLE fuel filters retain foreign objects reliably. The use of high-quality filter media protects the fuel system against tiny dirt particles. Pressure regulation and return feed of the excess amount from the injection pump back to the tank provide the necessary constant fuel supply. This ensures that the engine functions smoothly and guarantees economic operation of the vehicle.

Materials: for the safety of people, engines, and the environment—only the best

Whether petrol, E10, diesel, biodiesel, methanol, or ethanol, MAHLE has the right filter. It is made of high-quality cellulose, modern plastics, or a clever combination of these materials. Of course it is also perfectly matched to the engine and the field of application.

Research and development for the repair shop: so that you can continue to install safe products in the future

Practical development: active prefilter module for water separation

Most modern diesel engines are equipped with common-rail injection systems that react very sensitively to dirt and water in the fuel. For countries with poor fuel quality and varying proportions of biofuels, MAHLE has developed an optimal dirt and water separation system; the active prefilter module offers a separation level of up to 98 per cent in normal operation.

Ingenious development: Blue Drain water disposal system for diesel commercial vehicles

For diesel fuels with high water content MAHLE has patented an automatic water separation system: Blue Drain operates in multiple stages. The first stage fishes out dirt particles, while additional stages filter out even the tiniest water droplets from the diesel fuel. Blue Drain is available as a stand-alone system or integrated in MAHLE fuel filter modules.

Integrated development: one fuel filter module, many functions

Our modern fuel filter modules for heavy-duty commercial vehicle applications integrate numerous functions. In addition to particulate filters and water separators they include a fuel cooler, pump prefilter, dirty-side pressure sensor, and valves for controlling pressure and volume flow. Also included are a manual priming pump, a valve for initial filling by the OEM, two non-return valves as tank connectors, and a manual water disposal system. MAHLE fuel filter modules are compact, strong, and weight-optimised—and flexible in terms of connections and water disposal, of course.

Diesel filters with two-stage water separation

MAHLE has developed a two-stage water separation system for newer generations of the diesel filter.

Stage 1 consists of a cellulose filter medium with a melt-blown overlay on the dirty side to increase its dirt-holding capacity. The overlay also coalesces many small droplets into larger ones.

Stage 2 takes place on the clean side of the filter, where a water separator is located and reliably extracts the water droplets from the fuel.