MAHLE air drier cartridges: specially for commercial vehicles

Pneumatic systems are primarily found in medium- to heavy-duty commercial vehicles. These pneumatic systems are used for many control and regulation processes—and typically for the brake system as well. Air drier cartridges from MAHLE ensure that these components function reliably and safely. They remove moisture from the air and thus prevent corrosion in parts such as lines and tanks. MAHLE Original and Knecht air drier cartridges meet and even partially exceed the requirements of all large commercial vehicle manufacturers. In order to guarantee the functionality of pneumatics, all commercial vehicle manufacturers require that the safety-relevant air drier cartridges be replaced regularly.

The demands on our air drier cartridges are pretty tough

Whenever the compressor forces air into the system, the air drier cartridges must remove a large amount of water vapour from the air in a short time—and as soon as the compressor takes a break, they need to release, or “vaporise”, the stored moisture again. To this end, the cartridges contain a specially developed desiccant that is regenerative. The moisture particles are deposited on the surface of this granulate as the air flows through the air drier cartridge. The moisture particles are then transported outside with the residual air. This process can be heard as the hissing of the brakes.

It becomes dangerous when oil gets into the compressed air brake system. It lubricates the valves and changes their reaction. If there is moisture in the system, then the brake pads can wear out faster and corrosion can occur. Safety-relevant components, such as valves, lines, or tanks can be damaged. Therefore, the use and regular replacement of air drier cartridges is absolutely necessary for all compressed air brake systems.

Materials: for the safety of people, engines, and the environment—only the best

The shell of the air drier cartridge is made of robust steel or polyethylene (PE). It has a pressed-in thread on the front end so it can be threaded onto the head. What is outstanding about this cartridge is its contents: it consists of granulate or silicon beads just 1–3 millimetres in size, depending on the application and vehicle type. The materials are extremely porous. The entire surface is designed to capture and then release moisture unbelievably quickly. In this way, it is active immediately when the air flows past from the compressor or from the separate tank, and regenerates itself autonomously. Oil separators (coalescers) are sometimes integrated in the air drier cartridges in order to increase service life.