The extensive MAHLE filter program

Since the 1930s, MAHLE has developed and produced filters for the automotive and engine industry. As a traditional developer and manufacturer of engine components, MAHLE has expertise that is unique in the market. After all, who knows better how to develop filters than the ones whose components they are designed to protect? Today the MAHLE Original and Knecht brands offer both a wide and comprehensive range of products, ranging from air filters, to oil and fuel filters, to air drier cartridges. And because people need clean air to breathe, the range also includes cabin air filters.

Air filters

What they must achieve and what the latest advances look like


Air drier cartridges

What they do and why they are so important for commercial vehicles and pneumatics


Oil filters

How to identify good oil and hydraulic filters, and what the latest developments look like


Fuel filters

All about filters for current fuels such as E 10, ethanol, biodiesel, etc.


Cabin air filters

What high-performance cabin air filters look like: material, design, etc.