MAHLE Service Solutions Introduces TechPRO® Diagnostic Scan Tool at AAPEX 2014

LAS VEGAS – November 4, 2014 – Today at AAPEX 2014, MAHLE Service Solutions announced TechPRO®, a new, versatile, software-based, laptop or tablet-enabled diagnostic scan tool.

“At its core, the TechPRO diagnostic scan tool was produced to help professional technicians quickly analyze, diagnose and repair today’s sophisticated computer-controlled vehicles. It is designed to help technicians work smarter, not harder,” said Max Dull, general manager, MAHLE Service Solutions. “TechPRO is all about making technicians more efficient. For example, our new tool features the ability to decode a vehicle identification number (VIN) in one second with one click. Plus, the speed of diagnosis is measured in seconds versus minutes for competitors’ tools.”

The new MAHLE Service Solutions TechPRO diagnostic scan tool was engineered so the vehicle communication interface (VCI) and software can be used with a technician’s current desktop, laptop or tablet, making it unnecessary to buy or lease extra hardware.

Dull points out that MAHLE Service Solutions has designed TechPRO as a subscription and software-based model for lower costs instead of a large initial investment in hardware. In addition, the device is internet-based so all the latest vehicle data and software updates are downloaded automatically.

“Behind this breakthrough lies years and years of R&D and technology deployment, providing advanced diagnostic scan tool software for vehicle manufacturers,” explained Dull. “Now that same powerful technology is available for use in the independent aftermarket.”

In developing TechPRO, MAHLE Service Solutions relied upon the company’s long term experience in the field of diagnostics at the OEM level. It is now utilizing that knowledge in the development of its tool for the independent aftermarket.

Among TechPRO’s features is J-2534 pass-thru capability for reflashing and reprogramming. TechPRO also features an ergonomically engineered VCI with a bright LED light for high visibility and confirmation that the VCI is connected and communicating. Other useful functions include cylinder balance tests, compression testing, key relearn, and misfire graphing.

Dull says MAHLE Service Solutions is committed to making its diagnostic scan tool as fast, user-friendly and foolproof as possible. “We want the industry to know our scan tool is truly a game changer with its speed, ease of use and low cost of entry ownership.”

The MAHLE Service Solutions TechPRO diagnostic scan tool will be available for sale in 2015. The tool comes with a Bluetooth enabled VCI. MAHLE Service Solutions plans to make a pre-loaded tablet available upon request, for an additional cost.

In addition, MAHLE Service Solutions has announced that well-respected technicians and shop owners, Donny Seyfer, co-owner of Seyfer Automotive, Inc. in Wheat Ridge, Colo. and Bogi Lateiner, the founder and owner of 180 Degrees Automotive in Phoenix, Ariz., will serve as spokespeople for TechPRO.

MAHLE Service Solutions specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of automotive tools and maintenance equipment, including air conditioning service, fluid exchange and nitrogen tire inflation systems. For more information about MAHLE Service Solutions visit

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