MAHLE releases BLINDAGUA Filter

Limeira, 11 November 2015 – MAHLE presents the BLINDAGUA Filter, a new concept for a more efficient separation of water and diesel and a premium alternative to the market.

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Diesel fuel has a natural tendency to absorb water, which comprises an even bigger problem in countries such as Brazil, due to transportation and storage conditions and fuel blends with biodiesel. The presence of water in diesel fuel can cause degradation of the components of the injection system, damaging fuel pumps, fuel injectors, valves and components of the feeding system.

With a view to this market, MAHLE has developed the BLINDAGUA Filter, which offers many advantages to users. The product is the only one with a dual water filtration stage in dieseland provides superior efficiency compared to competitors, separating three times more water during its useful life and being more economical, as it protects the engine and offers the lowest cost per kilometer by providing lower maintenance costs for injectors and fuel pumps. The product consists of a high-strength plastic body with an integrated water tank.

Dual stage, dual advantage

Conventional filtration systems operate on a single stage. Tests show that when the filters are exposed to contaminants in the fuel passage, the degree of separation efficiency drop to below 15%. To overcome this limitation, the BLINDAGUA Filter performs filtering in two stages. The first stage filters the contaminant in the diesel and clusters the water droplets. The second filter separates the water droplets clustered in the first stage, without the presence of the contaminant. Furthermore, with the contaminant kept in the first stage, water separation is protected in the second phase, ensuring high performance throughout the useful life of the filter.

“The BLINDAGUA Filter outperforms its competitors in terms of efficiency. We ensure that the technology developed by MAHLE performs water filtration throughout the useful life of the product with an efficiency above 70%,” says Enrison Ladeia, product manager of MAHLE Metal Leve.

Degree of water separation efficiency in diesel
Filter condition Conventional systems ( 1 stage)BLINDAGUA Filter (2 stages)
New Filter Above 96%Above 96%
Used Filter, exposed to field conditions Up to 15%Above 70%


Brazilian design

The BLINDAGUA Filter design is the result of six years of research by the Brazilian engineering industry. In order to develop a robust technology for field conditions and not only to meet standard bench tests, the Tech Center MAHLE developed an initial study on diesel B, biodiesel and its properties that affect the separation of water for Brazilian diesel B.

“Based on that, with institutions and partners, the TC reached an understanding of the entire logistics network (where most water contamination occurs) and finally, defined and built new benches using new trial methods for testing and validation – in addition to the already known globally – that are able to simulate actual road conditions at an accelerated rate, making use of commercial diesel used in gas stations. With this knowledge, the TC also performed a series of comparative tests with the new and used products in the field to demonstrate the improved performance of the new technology,” says Fábio Moreira, Filtration and Engine Peripherals R&D Manager.

The BLINDAGUA design combines well-known water separation technologies in a unique and robust way to severe conditions of use. This was only possible thanks to the understanding reached with the study, which allowed us to identify relevant factors in real usage conditions. Another relevant point was the discussion with key users of the product on the improvements that should be incorporated in the design of a new part, in order to eliminate field problems. Based on that, we created a fully plastic part that is more resistant than the existing metal parts, thus allowing a multipurpose application for road and/or off-road vehicles.

The product, which is now available for distribution throughout Brazil, was developed by a 100% Brazilian team involving teams in the Technology Center in Jundiaí (SP) and the Production Plant, located in Mogi Guaçu (SP).

The intention, according to Ladeia, is to expand this technology to other separator filters, with the aim a providing a complete line, in addition to launching these products in other countries in Latin America and, later, in other regions of the globe where MAHLE operates. “The bottom line is that we have developed in Brazil an innovative and reliable technology that can be applied and adapted to filter models used in other countries. It is a new technological concept is coming to the market,” he concludes.

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