In harmony with the environment—our responsibility for the future

We consider it to be our most important task to harmonize the future of humanity with technical progress.

The basis for this is our environmental management system, introduced in 1996, which we maintain as part of the MAHLE Business Processes. All aspects of safety at work, health care, and environmental protection are taken into consideration. As early as the planning stage for plants and processes, we take care to analyze risks and thus to ensure preventive safety at work, health care, and environmental protection in equal measure. Targeted employee information facilitates responsible action at all levels. At the same time, our employees provide us with valuable suggestions for further improvements. Our Group-wide process structure, which sets global standards, ensures that procedures from the planning stage to implementation can be implemented completely in line with integrated safety at work, health care, and environmental protection.

MAHLE in Brazil is committed to the environmental issues and has devoted efforts and investments to the continued and significant development of its activities. The certification of the Environmental Management System (EMS) of the Unit Aftermarket Limeira (State of São Paulo) by the NBR ISO 14001 standard has made possible the unification of the certificates of eight plants in the same year, after extensive auditing. And more than that, it has promoted the integration of a multidisciplinary team of professionals from the areas of Environmental, Chemical, Production, Forest and Civil Engineering, Biological Sciences and Economy under the corporate coordination that has been implementing the system with additional requirements of the international standard. MAHLE has also been able to bring the suppliers closer to the requirements of its EMS because it believes the chain results contribute more effectively to the environment. Social results also compose the responsibilities of MAHLE’s EMS, which in 2004 supported the IEF (State Forest Institute, for its acronym in Portuguese) in Itajubá in the planting of 150,000 native threes for the reforestation and recovery of areas with degraded vegetation. The EMS has also contributed to the environmental education in 32 public schools, reaching 4,200 children. Besides that, 460 tons/year of materials obtained from the waste sorting at the plants – paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and printer cartridges – maintain social programs coordinated by the Human Resources and Environment departments at MAHLE. The integrated EMS is also aware of the evolution and continuous need for training of the employees in global environmental matters, such as climate change, water and air pollution, biodiversity preservation and the need for rationalization of natural resources. Such actions, besides preserving the environment, increase the productivity, contributing to a sustainable society.

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The greatest contribution to environmental relief is provided by our core products. The innovative MAHLE technologies, which reduce fuel consumption and emissions, have a permanent positive impact on the environmental balance in millions of vehicles worldwide. Reducing weight and friction in pistons and other engine components represents our contribution to improving efficiency and emission control. The environmental statements of the MAHLE locations can be requested by e-mail. Here you`ll find our Guidelines for safety at work, health care, environmental protection and energy management [PDF; 17 KB] - Date March 2015 Important supplier information for the delivery of products, chemical materials, and preparations to MAHLE can be found on the group website: Prohibition and declaration of substances.

The occupational health and safety management process is a value for MAHLE and its programs have as objective to promote, in all employees, the responsibility sense in occupational health and safety as well as to prevent potential risks associates with operation, products and work places. The commitment with occupational health and safety is a continuous process and MAHLE gives to all employees the necessary means for improving their performance and to develop their activities in a healthy working place.

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