Particle measurement at the tail pipe: MAHLE opts for premium technology

Stuttgart/Germany, September 23, 2021

  • New emissions test regulation will require particle measurement at the tail pipe from 2023
  • MAHLE solution complies with strict new limit values and high standards of measurement accuracy by counting condensation particles
  • Available as a stand-alone unit or as an add-on to the MAHLE EmissionPRO® and BRAIN BEE Emission Line equipment ranges

With the PMU 400, MAHLE Aftermarket has launched a new particle measuring device that meets the strict standards of the forthcoming emissions test regulation. This will make particle measurement at the tail pipe mandatory from 2023. Unlike many of its competitors, the Stuttgart-based automotive supplier has chosen to use the high-quality method of condensation particle counting. The new PMU 400 particle counter more than satisfies the new requirements, such as tougher limit values and higher measurement accuracy. The PMU 400 is available as a stand-alone unit or as an add-on to the MAHLE EmissionPRO® and BRAIN BEE Emission Line equipment series.

“We directly incorporated the practical experience of selected workshops into the development of our new particle measuring device,” said Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager Aftermarket. “In the future, we will therefore be able to offer our customers across Europe a flexible, practical, and future-proof solution for emissions testing within the framework of the standard test cycles.”

The individual nanoparticles in the exhaust gas flow are so small that they cannot be counted or measured using conventional methods. That is why MAHLE has opted to use condensation particle counter technology. The measurement technique is based on the physical principles of scattered light measurement and the fact that, in an atmosphere of supersaturated vapor, particles act as condensation nuclei and can thus be detected and counted. This method is not only extremely robust, but it also guarantees high measurement accuracy even at low concentrations. This means that the sample taken from an exhaust pipe can be diluted with clean air by a factor of two hundred to minimize the deposition of particles and dirt in the most sensitive parts of the measuring device. As a result, the PMU 400 is a highly reliable and low-maintenance measuring instrument with the additional benefit of intuitive operability.

The device is made of high-quality materials and boasts a robust design. Thanks to the flexible software structure developed by MAHLE, the PMU 400 can be easily adapted to meet new requirements and is therefore particularly economical over its entire service life.



Superior technology: As well as being precise and robust, the PMU 400 can be flexibly adapted to meet future requirements.

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