MAHLE Aftermarket participates in AD OPEN FEST 2017

On 27 May 2017, the large automotive exhibition AD OPEN FEST was held in Kiev/Ukraine. Around 60 global brands and 4 garage zones engaged almost 7,000 visitors in what was a very successful day. Crowds of interested bystanders took advantage of the opportunity to talk to each company about current trends in the market.


MAHLE Aftermarket was one such company. Set up in a modest but eye-catching 20-square-metre booth, we drew the attention of many individuals and engaged them in conversations about our new product lines and wide portfolio of solutions. To make sure that they would keep us in mind, they left with a small bag packed full of goods, including our catalogue and other small items.


Our specialists from Germany, Poland, and Ukraine provided highly detailed information about our upcoming products—CareMetix filters, Clevite goods, and Mechatronics to name a few. Knowing that we would have many small mechanic shop owners and representatives of larger shops attending our booth, we made sure to put our most popular cross-sectioned parts (alternators and starters) on display for viewing. This made a huge impact on those who have to “see it to believe it” as they could view for themselves how the part functioned internally, as well as the quality of the part and its engineering.


We hope you enjoy the pictures below as much as we enjoyed being there.