TechPRO® diagnostic tool


TechPRO®, the world’s fastest diagnostic tool :  you’re all set to start vehicle diagnostics within just seven seconds

The TechPRO® range acts as an interactive interface between you, the automotive professional, and the vehicle. With numerous versatile features, extensive scanning options, simple user software and a large number of interfaces, TechPRO®  scantools promise you fast work that gets results.

TechPRO® line

  • TechPRO® - scantool
  • TechPRO®Smart - In combination with PC (Windows) or tablet (Windows/Android/iOS) – EOBD connection

Advantages for end customers:

  • Based on many years of experience and an impressive record in the field of diagnostics
  • Comprehensive market coverage. Compatible with almost 90% of all vehicles in EU9 countries

Advantages for workshops:

  • Always connected, always updated
  • Ongoing software updates to download from the internet
  • Unlimited initial licence, optional update licences
  • Troubleshooting guides (optional)
  • PASS-THRU feature (compatible)
  • Easy to operate
  • Integrated technical information (wiring diagram, fault list, status screen)
  • Functions: reads data—reads errors and displays solutions; single-part diagnostics and component coding
  • Touch screen and Wi-Fi
  • Based on TecDoc data