NTF 515

NTF 515 offers the repair shop:

  • Automated flushing and filling mode for up to six tyres simultaneously
  • Innovative membrane technology enables nitrogen to be generated independently from existing compressed air from the repair shop
  • Set-up option for either 95% or 98% nitrogen purity
  • Integrated maintenance unit for cleaning and treating compressed air
  • Purity tester to check the nitrogen quality on the vehicle and in the unit

Accuracy± 0.06 bar
Air supply6.9 to 10.3 bar required 23 m³/h required
Dimensions (H x W x D)1,250 mm x 510 mm x 560 mm
Display increments0.06 bar
HosesCoiled green air hose (5.5 m working length); two 7.3 m, two 3.7 m working length hoses
Nitrogen purity levelAdjustable, 95% or 98% (from membrane)
Power sourceRechargeable battery operates auto-fill. 110-220 VAC 50/60 HZ power required for recharge, includes battery charge indicator. Includes process control via 4 pushbuttons and electronic display
Service time/vehicle5 minutes average (for average tyre size of 225/60/R15)
Storage tank capacity56.8 litres
Tyres per hour47 tyres (maximum tyres per hour including tank refill)