Cutting edge: NitroPRO nitrogen tyre filling system

In this present era of fuel consumption reduction and tyre pressure monitoring systems, keeping the tyre pressure constantly at the correct level is taking on greater importance. An optimally inflated tyre reduces rolling resistance and thus the braking distance, contributes to saving fuel, and prevents increased flexing work and, consequently, premature tyre wear.

The constancy of the tyre pressure can be increased by inflating the tyre with nitrogen. In addition, the gas can reduce the risk of fire, which is why nitrogen has been used for quite some time in heavily stressed tyres in particular, such as those for trucks and racing cars.

With its NTF 515, the new MAHLE Service Solutions division also provides repair shops with professional nitrogen tyre inflation systems. The revolutionary membrane technology in the units makes it possible to generate nitrogen in-house using existing compressed air from the repair shop.

Advantages for end customers:
Constant tyre pressure:

  • reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved tyre service life
  • Better driving characteristics
  • Enhanced mileage

Advantages for the repair shop:

  • Fully automated: flushing and filling mode for up to six tyres simultaneously
  • Comprehensive service range
  • Improved customer loyalty