Features of the ATX-3:

  • ‘Dipstick’ or ‘System Bypass’ operating module selector
  • Digital display of filling status of fresh and used oil tank as well as status display in process
  • Standard adapter in scope of supply

ATX-3 offers the repair shop:

  • Automatic process, no manual switching or regulation necessary
  • Boost function (accelerates the oil circuit for a better cleaning effect)
  • New and used oil tank, both 25 L
  • Very high accuracy thanks to double weighing principle
  • Use of flushing and cleaning additives possible
  • Adapter set available for almost every vehicle application

AdaptersConnectors with check valve, adapter set with most widely required connections
ControlsMicroprocessor with digital keypad and LED
Dimensions (H x W x D)1,120 mm x 700 mm x 670 mm
Fluid tanks/Types 25 litres each for fresh and used oil; multiple fluid capability
Hoses3 m black and red (fluid exchange);
2.5 m black (empty used oil)
2.5 m hose for dipstick mode includes
1.5 m clear
Fresh oil pump Gear pump (3.8 L per minute), includes diaphragm pump (6.84 L per minute); diaphragm pump increases fluid suction rate in low-flow/temperature controlled transmission
Power source 12 VDC, 10 A
Process time 3–6 minutes average full exchange
Scale accuracy ± 0.03% over usable range
Weight 74 kg


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