ACX 255 for refrigerant R1234yf

  • E³ - Technology: For ecological, economical and efficient benefits (as a result of unique software, couplers, and vacuum pump features)
  • Colour touchpad: For intuitive and comfortable usage
  • A/C-performance test: For dynamic performance testing of the A/C system in only 10 minutes with a customer report
  • Time saver: Quicker service times, thanks to the 170L/min vacuum pump and unique deep vacuum feature
  • USB Interface: For remote service support, software updates and A/C refrigerant reports that maximize uptime
  • For A/C service on: PC, HD, agriculture and hybrid vehicles (with optional hybrid kit)
  • Printer: For A/C service results  and customer reports
  • Database: For accurate and easy access to A/C service data

HIGHLIGHT: Standard remote service integration– service support anytime, anywhere

Refrigerant Analysisfully automatic, integrated in the process
CertificationsTÜV, VDA specifications compliant, CE
Refrigerant Tank20 l
Compressor14 cc (500 g/min)
Vacuum pump170 L/min
Refrigerant Scalemaintenance-free, stable scale
Filter dryer capacity150 kg
Recovery rate> 95%
Hoses3 m
Hybrid functionyes
Pressure sensorsTank, LP, HP
Oil bottlesNew Oil (PAG+POE) and UV Additive incl. Active Humidity removal, Used Oil
Remote servicingyes
Safety Self-Testautomatic unit test and self-diagnosis
Remote Servicingyes
Release of non condensable gasesfull automatic
KeypadTouch Screen
Operating Temperature10°C to 50°C
Power source230 VAC, 50 Hz, 800 W
Dimensions/Weight1,050 mm x 655 mm x 650 mm, 90 kg
Warranty24 months

E³ - Technology

Successful recharging, regardless of vehicle and ambient temperature. Guaranteed!

With this internal oil cleansing process, the oil change intervals can be extended to up to 1.000 operating hours. Benefit: Less down-time and maintenance costs.

No air-polluting refrigerant will escape, resulting in significant savings as none of this expensive substance is lost.


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