Starter motors from MAHLE Electric Drives are perfect for petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, ships, and stationary generators. Little wonder, as we have developed them for well-known global engine manufacturers. We meet their increasing requirements with ever more efficient, smaller, and lighter reduction gear starter motors that replace our previous direct ones. Thanks to our ISO 9001-certified processes, our customers can rely on MAHLE Electric Drives products for any application—even under the toughest conditions.


The demands on our starter motors are pretty tough

Salt spray, humidity, water, dust, mud, vibrations, heat, cold, and aggressive fluids: the list of challenges is long. And yet starter motors from MAHLE Electric Drives function reliably. Extensive tests at our test facility and decades of practical experience have paid off. Our designers know that it not only concerns regulations for electromagnetic compatibility or international directives and standards: they also incorporate expertise from our repair shops into our starter motors.


Full throttle for reliability and efficiency

Our high-performance starter motors are ideally suited for a variety of complex applications. We develop them in close co-operation with our customers and test them both on our in-house test benches and in real, practical operating conditions, providing consistently high quality in series production through processes complying with international standard ISO 9001:2000. This is achieved with environmentally friendly production technologies and materials. All business processes are carefully planned and monitored - from development, to production, to delivery to customers. We also supply products in original equipment quality to the aftermarket, of course.

All starter motors are designed for long-life operation - even under harsh operating conditions, such as salt spray, high humidity, water, dust, mud, vibrations, heat and cold, or aggressive fluids. Their design fulfils international guidelines and standards - including the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive.

OE competence

AZE starter motors (AZE 21 / AZE 26)

Research and development for the repair shop: so that you can continue to install safe products in the future

MAHLE Electric Drives has developed the new AZE series in close cooperation with engine manufacturers. It is characterised by very low power consumption, compact dimensions, and minimal weight. In addition, it has a very long service life, which for all MAHLE products is a matter of course.


We use environmentally friendly processes and materials for the manufacturing of our products. In order to remain at the forefront of technology, we continuously improve the designs of our starter motors. New experiences and technical innovations are quickly incorporated into production. Our test labs guarantee that all new products have the level of reliability that you expect from MAHLE.