MAHLE PCU—1.2 million kilometers and no wear.

What does a commercial vehicle Power Cell Unit (PCU) need to achieve over its lifespan?

Service life of 1.6 million kilometers—this is the standard that today’s commercial vehicle engines must meet. That is why MAHLE took a sample and analyzed the PCUs from a randomly selected long-haul truck. The result, after 1.2 million kilometers: almost no wear!


But what exactly does 1.2 million kilometers mean for a commercial vehicle PCU:

  • Around 1,200,000,000 crankshaft revolutions

  • About 600,000,000 ignition cycles per piston

  • The piston traveled around 370,000 kilometers inside the cylinder liner

  • Around 68,000 liters of fuel were burned per cylinder

  • Around 5.8 million liters of oil cooled the pistons


MAHLE components therefore easily meet the required service life of 1.6 million kilometers.