E³ technology for a rapid A/C service: four new A/C service units from MAHLE Aftermarket

Stuttgart, 08 March 2016 – MAHLE Aftermarket completes its ArcticPRO product line and introduces four new A/C service units to the market: entry-level and professional models for R134a and R1234yf refrigerants. With the new models, MAHLE demonstrates how the successful E³ technology can be converted for use in the professional and entry-level segments. This technology enables repair shops to carry out A/C services in an ecological, economical, and efficient manner.

The E3 technology is based on three components. With the patented E3 fill process, the air conditioning system can be filled independently of vehicle and ambient temperature. With the E3 pump, the internal cleansing process for the vacuum pump, oil change intervals can be extended to up to 1,000 operating hours—an increase of tenfold—and the annual oil change no longer applies. The advantage: lower maintenance times and costs. In addition, the E3 connect nozzles allow the refrigerant to be fully recovered from hoses and service nozzles. This prevents the release of any environmentally harmful refrigerant and reduces costs.

A further highlight of the new A/C service unit line is the remote diagnosis function that is included as standard. By means of an online connection to the service centre, different components can be controlled, malfunctions diagnosed, and software updates implemented—at any time and from any location. All units are equipped with a high-performance vacuum pump for flexible use on a variety of vehicles. The ArcticPRO A/C service units from MAHLE are suitable for the A/C service of passenger cars, hybrid vehicles, trucks, as well as construction and agricultural machinery.

Entry-level and professional units for R134a and R1234yf refrigerants

With the launch of the new A/C service unit models ACX 120 and ACX 220, MAHLE Aftermarket extends its offering for entry-level use. With the new ACX 150 and ACX 250 models, the company also offers A/C service units with comprehensive technical features for professionals.

Entry-level models ACX 120 and ACX 220 are operated via an alphanumeric keypad and have a USB interface to facilitate easy software updates as well as the creation of operational and refrigerant reports. Optionally, these models may be fitted with a vehicle database for selecting service data and a printer for customer reports.

In addition to the technical features of the entry-level models, the new professional models also have a performance test function. This gives repair shops access to an air-conditioning check in only ten minutes; the results can be presented visually and offered to customers. Aside from the intuitive user interface with a colour touch screen, the standard features of the ACX 150 and ACX 250 A/C service units include a vehicle database for selecting service data and a printer for customer reports.

About MAHLE Service Solutions

The MAHLE Service Solutions product division combines MAHLE expertise from numerous corporate product lines: with MAHLE Behr Service, the Stuttgart-based supplier has been a development partner and original equipment supplier for more than 25 years to a wide variety of OEMs worldwide in the vehicle air conditioning sector. As an innovative supplier, the MAHLE Powertrain service unit manufactures testing and diagnostic systems for the automotive industry. American company RTI Technologies, which is part of the MAHLE Group, specialises in A/C service units and fluid exchange systems. This comprehensive know-how and the many years of expertise feed into the product portfolio of MAHLE Service Solutions. The portfolio not only guarantees repair shops replacement parts in original equipment quality, but also complete solutions for repair shop equipment with a focus on engine and thermal management.

About MAHLE Aftermarket

The MAHLE Aftermarket business unit is partner to repair shops and trade, offering first-rate service solutions with its special equipment and spare parts in original equipment quality. MAHLE Aftermarket is represented at 22 locations worldwide, with 1,593 employees, and generated sales of EUR 836 million in 2014.

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