SIMPLE Fit - Making fitting simple!

Thermal management products with the SIMPLE FIT label contain certain installation accessories. This not only saves time and money, but also ensures correct installation.

  • Certain installation accessories, such as O-rings and seals, are already supplied with and/or preassembled in products bearing the special SIMPLE FIT label, saving you time and money when ordering parts.
  • The supplied and/or preassembled accessories don’t need to be purchased separately, and you can start the installation straight away.
  • Moreover, the supplied and/or preassembled accessories, which are matched to the relevant thermal management product, ensure installation can be carried out easily, quickly, and correctly.
  • And it’s easy to recognize them: in TecDoc, the supplied and/or preassembled accessories are shown in the blue bar above the product image and the accessories referred to in the product description.
  • With some 1,450 products, there’s always a good solution.

Easy identification—TecDoc