ACX - Universal Flushing Kit

  • Flushing Bottle with a stand-alone fixturefor a flexible usage independent from the A/C Service Unit location and model.
  • Refrigerant Filter with easy to change access.
  • Flushing control sight glass with an ergonomic positioning to check the flushing process and level of refrigerant purity.
  • HP Hose-Port Adapter-Set for flexible usage with different A/C Service stations.
  • Flushing Adapter-Set (3/8" + 1/4") to connect with different flushing ports and adapters at the A/C system/component.
  • Coupler Adapter-Set (for R134a & R1234yf) to connect the LP couler at the flushing kit
  • User manual with flushing instructions and service information
  • Dustcover (optional) to protect and store your device