Over 30 million vehicles at 50 plants and over 10,000 workshops globally are tested and diagnosed using MAHLE's LogiqPRO product line. With over 100,000 combined instances of our Service Logiq and Test Logiq runtimes, LogiqPRO is a firmly proven and industrialized product line that our customers can depend on, for their everyday mission critical tasks.

LogiqPRO is industry compliant ranging from J2534 API to ODX 2.2 Data Format. Speed, performance and ability to manage intense vehicle data complexity is at the heart of how LogiqPRO adds value to our customers and technicians.

LogiqPRO® DataWorks 2.0

Vehicle Communication Interface

  • Supports Flash over CAN-FD and DoIP up to the specification baud rate.
  • Quick start-up time at ~300 milliseconds.
  • Pin switching, including CAN-FD and DoIP on any combination of pins.
  • Integrated CAN monitor for analyzing ECU message link traffic and integrated bus load monitor.
  • Low current draw at ~150 mA.
  • Micro-second message time stamps.
  • 32KV ESD protection for CAN interfaces.

Download brochure DataWorks 2.0 [PDF; 3318 KB]

LogiqPRO® DataLogiq3

Portable Vehicle Manufacturing Tester

The DataLogiq3 is a small integrated computing device intended for “set it and forget it” electrical testing and module programming in vehicle assembly plants. DataLogiq3 comprises of a power efficient standard form factor Atom-based single board computer (SBC) along with MAHLE’s DataWorks (DW) vehicle communications interface (VCI) and an intelligent power management board (IPMB) with location-aware intelligence.

Download brochure DataLogiq3 [PDF; 3058 KB]

LogicPRO® Leak Tester

The MAHLE Dry Leak Tester employs a differential vacuum test method to do a quick leak check on vehicle fuel evaporative system for OBD-II compliance purpose. MAHLE Test Systems employs a statistical approach to quickly test a complete system or individual components for small leaks. The leak test is performed using vacuum or pressure, depending on the application. Convenient connections are available for both Capless and with-fuel cap systems.

Download brochure Leak Tester [PDF; 5688 KB]

VAT (Visual Authoring Tool)

The MAHLE Visual Authoring Tool (VAT) allows users to author vehicle test sequences. This tool creates a binary for the MAHLE runtime to execute the author’s business logic. Through the GUI, various building blocks can be built on each other to create fully configurable flow charts and sequences.

Features & Benefits

  • ODX 2.2 Compliant
  • Highly efficient vehicle diagnostics data creation and management tool
  • Manage vehicle options, variants, and exceptions
  • Server based implementation supports multiple concurrent users
  • Off-line authoring with server side check-in and check-out
  • Easy to author test sequences
  • Oracle database provides speed, reporting, data integrity checking and data normalization
  • Screen utility to create screens for application flow (actual runtime screens can then be created in HTML)
  • Output data size for large OEM published content is less than 10MB
  • Multiple languages management with Unicode compliance


Platform to Manage MAHLE DL3 Portable Testers & Other Plant Equipment for Distributing Software Updates and Reporting.

MAHLE AdminLogiq allows customers to remotely manage their testers and deploy required software. This application allows businesses to track their testers, enable or disable them, and view current status / historical errors. Companies can choose from multiple deployment options and customize file packages that allow the flexibility to support any business needs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Configurable plant layouts
  • Customizable file types and packages
  • Tester and vehicle specific deployments
  • Package deployment history provides full audit of deployed software
  • Single-sign on integration for authentication
  • Open REST API supports third party applications
  • Identify lost or dead testers on the floor


Reporting Platform for Vehicle Testing and Diagnostics

ReportLogiq adds a powerful capability to MAHLE's diagnostic tool chain by providing the ability to automatically retrieve diagnostic log files or session files from the runtime and make it available to service and engineering departments for analysis.

ReportLogiq is used today in service to collect diagnostics data from workshops and AC service log files from AC Machines.

Being MAHLE’s primary data aggregation and reporting tool, the ReportLogiq provides an ideal platform for receiving all the data collected and provides an ideal platform for data analytics. This tool also provides a medium for packaging data and sending it to the OEM.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rich user interface, new look & feel and works across major browsers (IE, Chrome) - No dependency on Java Applets
  • Ability to view operational dashboard, notifications & customized reports
  • ETL process optimized with newer technologies
  • Able to apply standard data analysis tools (Power BI, SSRS)
  • Ability to export groups and share it across users their private reports
  • Ability to save filters for each report
  • Configurable alerts & notifications
  • Cross plant reports using analytics tool
  • Leverage latest Microsoft Business Analytics Tools such as Power BI along with SSRS / custom JS charts
  • True web based reporting application that is browser agnostic, including mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones
  • Ability to create on demand customized reports using Power BI Desktop & seamless roll out
  • New look and feel
  • Ability to view & search cross plant data to identify issues across multiple platforms
  • Ease of on demand reports that can help with specific plant needs
  • Set up batch reports in the back end using SSIS and dispatch it via email


MAHLE NanoKernel is a version of the TechPRO® Diagnostic Scan Tool for remote diagnostic application. The TechPRO® NanoKernel (MNK) will reside embedded on-board a host devices memory.

When connected to the vehicle, the MNK will discover the particular vehicle and pass requested PID information to the hardware setting up access for that vehicle. Once automatic setup occurs, MNK will accept send/recieve function requests to provide requested PID’s, output controls and data requests

Features & Benefits:

  • Minimum amount of code needed to run the TechPRO® diagnostic functions
  • Extremely small and able to run on RTOS devices
  • Runs simplified, vehicle specific diagnostics
  • Leverages MAHLE’s full diagnostic database for operation
  • Can be embedded on tiny devices to run functions
  • Built for memory resource constrained solutions
  • Uses MAHLE Vehicle Authoring Tool for data management and authoring
  • Uses TechPRO® Diagnostic System for faster vehicle validation


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