MAHLE Aftermarket is expanding its range to include practical service units and services relating to maintenance and service, and is thus taking another step towards becoming a full-service and solutions provider to the repair shop.

Brought together: expertise for the aftermarket

MAHLE Service Solutions combines the expertise from many business areas, be it from MAHLE as a development partner and supplier of original equipment for vehicle air conditioning, from MAHLE Powertrain as a driver of innovation and supplier of testing and diagnostic systems to the automotive industry, from MAHLE Behr Service with more than 25 years of experience in A/C service units, or from the U.S. company RTI Technologies Inc., which has been integrated into the MAHLE Group and is specialised in A/C service units and systems for exchanging fluids.

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MAHLE Service Solutions: your repair shop partner

To increase comfort, safety, and efficiency, vehicle technologies are becoming ever more complex. At the same time, the demands being placed on service and maintenance are growing. In order to perform the work both professionally and safely, repair shops need to have the right service units—and the corresponding knowledge to use them.

Hard facts: the new product lines

Testing Solutions

MAHLE's LogiqPRO® product line offers our customers a wide variety of turn-key options to develop and deploy Vehicle End-of-Line Test System for plants and Diagnostic Tool chain for workshops and service bays.