System partners

MAHLE considers itself a responsible partner for the retail trade and repair shops. We are committed to providing wide-ranging solutions, from environmental protection to process optimization to various repair shop concepts. You can learn more about our partners here.

As a Partslife systems partner, MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH complies with the legal provisions of the Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act. As a lobby for the vehicle parts industry and retail trade, Partslife offers a standardized industry solution for organizing and optimizing waste management and recycling programs.

Partslife packaging disposal service
According to the German Packaging Ordinance, manufacturers and sellers of sales packaging are obligated to accept returned packaging for recycling. MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH meets this obligation by implementing recycling through its participation in the Partslife packaging disposal service.


MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH is a TecCom systems partner and offers within the scope of this B2B platform different modules for the automation and optimization of the order and delivery process.

Use of one or more services leads to long-term cost reductions for inventory management, purchasing, sales, paperwork, wrong deliveries and IT systems.


MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH is a TecDoc shareholder and systems partner and makes all catalog data available electronically through TecDoc. Updates are carried out quarterly.