Offline verification with VeoMark

Verification at a glance
Compare the digits of the random code to the VeoMark information:

  • Do the last 6 digits match the serial number on the VeoMark?
  • Do the last 2 digits match the LensCode? The LensCode becomes visible when you place the included special filter over the label and rotate it.

1) HDI star (High Definition Image) for high-resolution copy protection

2) MAHLE logo in shimmering rainbow colors (most easily visible when the VeoMark is held up to a direct, artificial light source)

3) LensCode (= the last 2 digits of the random code)—becomes visible with the special filter

4) Serial number (black, outlined in shimmering rainbow colors)—corresponds to the last 6 digits of the random code

Special filter in the flyer:

Original or fake: the special filter reveals the answer. Please keep it safe!

Please keep this in a safe place. If you have not received a flyer, you can ask your MAHLE Aftermarket sales partner.

* Only applicable for European range