Security by the numbers, with MAPP code and VeoMark

Security by the numbers, with MAPP code and VeoMark Every MAHLE Original engine component will soon have its own computer-generated identity: an alphanumeric MAPP code. A special encryption process prevents counterfeiters from being able to generate valid codes themselves. The MAPP code consists of 2 lines: The first line is the same on every label, worldwide. It is the MAHLE Aftermarket identification code, so to speak (GTIN—Global Trade Item Number). The second line contains the random code that is unique and therefore different on every label.

The MAPP code can be verified online, but additionally allows on-site verification without an Internet connection—in combination with the data on the VeoMark, a 5 x 12 mm security label. The VeoMark also provides additional security features to protect against counterfeiting.

The combination of MAPP code and VeoMark provides the highest level of security against counterfeiting, because its serialization (the link between the data on the MAPP code and the VeoMark), unlike conventional techniques such as holograms, cannot be imitated.

* Only applicable for European range