Automated service procedures for the highest requirements: FluidPRO for automatic transmission oil change

The increasing comfort requirements of customers and legislative CO2 reduction targets are leading to a growing number of vehicles being equipped with automatic transmissions and automated manual transmissions that are ever more sophisticated. Vehicle manufacturers are specifying maintenance intervals accordingly.

MAHLE supports the service process with its automatic transmission flushing units ATX-2 and ATX-3, which stand out by their ease of use and automated flushing process.
The FluidPRO combines user-friendly operation and technological state of the art.

ATX - 2

Automatic transmission flushing units


ATX - 3

Automatic transmission flushing units with operating module selector


Advantages for end customers:

  • Avoidance of transmission repair costs
  • Significantly improved switching behaviour
  • Improvement of transmission mileage

Advantages for the repair shop:

  • Fully automated: automated flushing process without manual intervention
  • Comprehensive service range
  • Improved customer loyalty